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Trench-less repair:
          This process is for those times when your sewer / storm system is in average condition but has a bad spot. Of course that is usually under that 100 year old oak tree in the front yard. We can access your line from a suitable clean out and send our equipment down the line to the break, then placing a pipe patch at the spot.  This can drastically improve the life span of a sewer system and the repair will outlast the rest of the pipe. To see if this type of repair is a good fit for a problem line call us and schedule a video camera inspection.


Trench-less pipe bursting:
            Imagine you have a failing sewer line or pipe of some sort that is in need of replacement, that crosses all sorts of things that you do not want disturbed. We can use pipe bursting to pull a new pipe ( same size as the old or bigger) through the old pipe. This minimizes the impact on your property while allowing us to upgrade your aging system. When Pipe bursting we only need two pits, one at each end. This allows us to replace your line with little or no disturbance to your yard, parking lot, driveway etc.

While trench-less technology is a great fit for some repairs and replacements, it is not always the answer. Existing lines must have good grade (flow) and be able to provide access through the pipe. Trench-less is just one of the many options we can recommend as a solution to your situation .

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