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Video Camera Inspections:
         It is just as important to have clean, flowing pipes as it is to know what the problem is. That is why we invest in top of the line video camera equipment to be able to scope out your lines, showing you what the problem is and the best way to address it. We can camera as small as an 1 1/2" line up to a 12" line. Our cameras also have electronic locators in them allowing us to pinpoint your line and the location of any needed repairs. After a video inspection we can provide you with a DVD or Flash drive copy for your records.
Line locating:
        With proper access we can locate breaks or pinpoint line location in conduit, non potable water lines, pool lines, drain lines, culverts, etc. All public utilities are marked by the utilities' personnel but once they reach a meter you are usually on your own. We can locate power, phone, water, sewer, storm and many other lines on the private side of the meter.
Septic Tank Locating:
         A lot of the time when your septic system backs up and your line is plugged it's time to have your tank pumped. We can determine if this is the problem by locating the tank if you do not know its location and digging up the lid in preparation to having it pumped. After the tank is pumped your line can then be cleaned to remove solids that have settled in the pipe.
General inspection and Consultation:
         If you have a wet basement or crawl space, standing water, swampy ground or any other drainage concern we can perform a site assessment and provide you with a solution.
Smell location and identification:
          We can assist in identifying foul smells in your home. Plugged pipes, vents, animals and many other things can lead to a foul or rotten smell in your dwelling. The causes for this vary dramatically from annoying to downright deadly and with our inspection equipment we can assist you in solving these problems.
Smoke Test: 
           When you need to find out where pipes go and what is tied into them we can do a smoke test on the line. This process involves pressurizing the line with smoke which forces it out any leaks or openings in the pipe. This can be very helpful in diagnosing smells, unknown connections and many other things.


811 has you covered for all utilities in the Public right-away and up to the meter in most cases, but what about after that? That is where we come in. We offer private locates on most lines and pipe for your Residential, Commercial or Industrial needs. 
Some of the lines we can locate are: Power, Water , Phone, Cable, Sewer, Storm, etc.
We also have an assortment of camera equipment that are equipped with locator beacons to pinpoint an specific location on Storm and Sewer laterals and mains.
We can provide you with painted marks, flags, drawings, etc. of the located utilities. Give us a call and see how we can help you locate your lines before you dig, *** Note: using our locating services is not a substitute for calling 811, locates provided by Oregon Sewer & Drain, LLC are informational only.

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